Welcome to White House Hotel

Strategically located in the heart of Kluang within strolling distance to The Kluang  Railway Station and Kluang Bus Centre. White House Hotel has firmly established itself as a match to the business dynamism of the city. There are around 10 restaurants surround the hotel, include Chinese food restaurant, Malay food restaurant, Western Food Restaurant, hawker centre, fruit stall and coffee house.

位於居銮白宫旅店,提供  了商務出差住宿、休息的好地方;交通便利,緊鄰高速公路。現代化的週邊設備及優質服務,提供旅客最佳好住宿環境,現代化的設備與服務,房間可上網,讓您隨時與世界接軌,掌握一手商情。白宫旅店誠心邀請您的光臨。白宫旅店是您居銮商務飯店的優質選擇


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